Hey all.  Its been a while (as always) but a lots been going on (well kinda!).  I finished my second production (Passing Strangers) which was AMAZING!!! It was kinda put together pretty fast.  We definitely weren’t as prepared as we were in the last production.  But we had some AMAZING shows.  and some NOT so amazing shows (well 1 show).  After I finished that run I started preparing my monologues for my MFA Acting auditions.  My list of school is Juilliard, NYU-Tisch, Brown, Yale, USC, ACT.  The only school that needed a pre-screening was juilliard so I sent that in about 2 weeks ago.  I was soooooooo nervous but actually pretty proud of my work.  They said they would get an answer back to us by December 13th which is technically today. 

I had totally syked myself out on this one.  I found myself googling to see if anyone had gotten their results and came across an article by someone who insinuated that if you didn’t get your response before the deadline that it was probably a no.  Honestly I think the biggest lesson I’ve learnt this past month in that regard is it is always better to STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE.  What I mean is you do yourself a disservice by concentrating on whats going on with everyone else or comparing yourself to them.  Ok this is kinda becoming a ramble but its important.  I found myself obsessing over the resumes of current mfa students at the above schools.  comparing myself to them.  trying to find any video of their work to compare to mine as a way of gauging my chances.  And honestly the only thing that did was to make me more nervous and feel less prepared.  However for the last 1 week I totally focused on myself.  I told myself that the only thing i can do is be the best that i can be.  Anything beyond that was out of my control.  And I had a really productive week.  I really got to work with my monologues and made some great discoveries.

So anyway back to the prescreening

I GOT AN AUDITION INVITATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its amazing.  I feel so amazing and validated.  I’ve been feeling a particular pull to Juilliard.  I created a vision board that I really do think has cleared up my mind.  Juilliard is where im gonna end up.  I feel it. 


Well for now its back to preparing for my auditions and feeling great about life!!!!!!!

Im Melissa Muks and I’m an actress!!! Lovin it!!!


Passing Strangers

Hello.  Yes it has been a while but i can thank fully say that I’ve been pretty busy lately.  We have been performing our Israeli play ‘Apples From The Desert’  for 2 weeks now and its been a blast.  We have definitely had our bumps here and there but overall I’m really proud of our work.  We got to perform for the Israeli ambassador and a lot of other diplomats, politicians and Israelis at an event at a hotel here which was really satisfying.  It was our biggest audience thus far and we had to make do with a VERY VERY basic stage (if you could really call it that.  It was more just a space at the front of the room) and considering our play involved a lot of props and different entrances and exits it was particularly challenging.  Otherwise we had what I would definitely call our WORST performance on Friday.  Nothing was jelling.  We were all tripping on our words big time and the audience was NOT helpful at all.  It was actually pretty brutal but hey what can you do.  Im looking forward to members of my family coming for this weekends shows which are also our last so I’m really excited about that.


And the big news……………………….


Its a completely different feel (think single’s evening, meeting old flames).  Its crazy how easily things fall into place when you finally follow your passion.  I’m definitely also starting to put together my list of schools I want to audition for to get my MFA which is exciting. 

Its funny, I found myself reading an actress’ bio on i think it was wikipedia and I was thinking ‘oh, so this is where her career started’ and I realized, MY CAREER HAS ALREADY BEGAN.  I am officially a PROFESSIONAL actor.  Its crazy how sometimes you look forward to what you want to accomplish that you don’t stop to realize how much progress you’ve already made.  I’ve already starting walking down the path I’ve always wanted to walk down.  I’m closer to my goal than I ever imagined and that feels AMAZING.


For now, I’m gonna keep moving forward, rehearsing for my upcoming play while I perform my current one, and loving life to the extreme.

My name is Melissa Muks and Im an actress!

Apples From The Desert

Hi again.  So since the last time I wrote not much has changed I guess.  I’ve been in daily rehearsal for the Phoenix Play which is called Apples from the Desert.  I play a hunchbacked sister called Sarah.  Its a Jewish play and its really interesting so I’m having a great time doing it.  Also great cast so it really makes it fun.  I have to say at the beginning of the rehearsals I felt really frustrated because I felt like our director was really patronizing and was acting like I didn’t know anything.  But I took a step back and realized that I can either sit back and hate her or learn from her and since making the decision to be more positive, rehearsals have been getting better and better.  I’ve already learnt soooo much.

In other news last Saturday-Tuesday was a dark time in our country.  A mall called Westgate which I visit all the time was attacked by terrorists and was under siege for 4 days.  Thank God no one I know was there but all the same it was REALLY traumatic for the country.

In even other news, I really need to get this solo show thing on the road.  I really have been neglecting it but I’m going to get back on it this week.  Promise to myself!!

Feeling blessed, and positive!

Hi my name is Melissa Muks and I’m an actress.

On the right track!

Well since I last wrote on of the biggest changes is that I finished my driving lessons and passed my driving test so I am a legal driver now.  Still getting comfortable driving though (have had a few ‘I’m gonna die’ freak out moments but I guess with practice I’ll be fine.  Also HUGE news.  I got a call from T.K. at Phoenix Theater yesterday and they want me to come in and do a play so YAY my first Kenyan play and my first professional play EVER.  Should be really exciting.  I’m actually heading out to my first rehearsal in a little under 2 hours so will give you all a full update of what the play is and my role and everything after that.  OCTOBER 11th is the premier date so I guess the countdown starts now. 

In other news I do still intend on working and completing my solo show project, I’ve just been feeling distracted lately but hopefully I’m gonna get motivated once I start acting again. 

I’m kinda nervous but more so just SUPER excited.  Things are starting to happen and it feels great.  Attracting good, positive vibes!!!!

My name is Melissa Muks and I’m a professional actress (YAY)!!!!!!

New Beginnings!!

Hi everyone! So I know its been forever since I’ve written and its totally all my fault.  I guess life just kinda got crazy for a while there.  Well first and foremost I GRADUATED FROM BROWN!!! YAY!  It was amazing but also incredibly bittersweet.  I was really sad to have to say goodbye to my friends, my Brown acting experience and just generally the place I had called home for 4 years.

After graduating I moved back to Kenya and quite honestly didn’t really do much.  I sent out a couple of emails to theater companies and that was pretty much it.  However I do think i’ve made some great strides recently.

Firstly I had an interview with one of the top talent agencies in East Africa, Surazuri Model and Casting Agency, and was lucky enough to be signed and put on their books (I saw my face on their online books today for the first time.  Out of 10 I give the photo a 6 though (

Then a little more than a month ago I participated in the Actors Monologue Challenge which is as it sounds, a monologue competition.  I performed a monologue from A Raisin In The Sun and to be honest I WAS NOT PREPARED AT ALL!!!!! I was literally trying to fully memorize it on the day of the performance.  Its funny cuz I had this attitude that there was no way anyone in Kenya was anywhere near as talented as me.  I felt like Kenyan standards were so low I didn’t even need to work for it.  WOW WAS I WRONG!!!!!  I got to meet and admire AMAZING actors doing amazing work.  Most particularly was the eventual winner Brian Ogola who gave an amazing performance and who just has incredible natural talent.  I didn’t place in the competition but it was so exciting to be around so many people who where passionate about what I’m passionate about.

After that was a quite month of driving lessons then about 2 weeks ago I went for an audition for a TV show to play a bar owner woman.  After a LONG honestly unnecessary 3 hour wait, I auditioned my 1 minute script and left. I ‘m pretty sure I wont be hearing from them about that role (I think they were looking for someone older) but all the same is was a good learning experience.

Then came yesterday.  I had the amazing opportunity to audition for the Phoenix Players who are the best theater company in East Africa.  It was really fun and everyone was so easy going that it ended up being pretty effortless.  They made me dance Mande which was somewhat humiliating but hey I GOT IN!!!!  I can’t wait to get started on the first play they cast me in.

Lastly I’ve embarked on a great new adventure.  In line with some great advice I recently heard ‘no matter what is happening in life CREATE GOOD ART’ I have decided to create my very own SOLO SHOW and debut it in the next 6 months.  I have a great idea as to what the topic will be (hint: color) but as for everything else such as how to WRITE a solo show, I’m gonna figure out as I go.

Needless to say, life is getting back on track and I’m once again EXCITED for the FUTURE!!!!

Hello my name is Melissa Muks and I’m a effing incredible actress!!!



Its been a good long while since I last wrote.  Since not getting into Brown/Trinity Rep I think I went into a sort of funk for a second.  I started to doubt whether this Law of Attraction was real and if it would really make my desires a reality.  I just couldn’t bring myself to feel powerful and in control like I did before.

But for no specific reason I have broken out of that and Im back to being a strong powerful God who creates her destiny.  I truly believe I am in the process of being on Broadway and starring in a film as we speak.  I’m excited and in control.

You may be wondering why I keep referring to myself as God and it is a realization I came to with the help of the documentary ‘Three Magic Words’ which I highly recommend.  Anyway I have a packed schedule of acting today so for now, Adieu!!! May all your dreams come true.

My name is Melissa and I am an Actress!!!